Privacy Policy

We are always committed to protecting the privacy of the users. Vedicfarmfresh is also involved in offering a vast repository of online sites with a view to offer great internet experience to the users. So, whenever, you opt for the website or service offered by Vedicfarmfresh, you consent to the storage, collection, and use of the personal information provided by your end.

User Information

The users should necessarily provide specific information for the registration process for availing certain services on our particular website. It may include but not limited to, a) your name, b) age, c) sex, d) email address, e) PIN code, f) medical history and records, g) debit card or credit card details, h) biometric information, i) sexual orientation, j) password, etc. along with your interests, occupations and so on. We tend to improve our website with the help of information provided by the user’s end. This helps to ensure that you always get user-friendly experience.

Therefore, almost every information is service dependent and Vedicfarmfresh may use particular information to improve, protect and maintain its services.

So, this particular information will not be considered sensitive as it is freely accessible and available in the public domain. Also, these are furnished under the Right to Information Act, 2005.

In order to place an order on, this particular information shall be used to service the request of the users. The information shall include the name, email, mailing address and phone number of the user. This sort of information shall be collected on the purchase of gift certificates, products or else signing up for email notifications.

The reason behind collecting the information is for shipping, order processing, and customer service. As for example, we may possibly contact the user for providing an update on order, to clarify specific order-related questions or certain information in regards to the shipping status. Again, these are used for the purpose of improving our services, products, navigation and also website content.


We may possibly use “cookies” or any other similar electronic tools in order to enhance our user’s responsiveness. This collects specific information to assign a random and unique number as a User ID to each and every user. In this regard, the identified computer is required to properly understand the individual interests of the users. The information supplied by your end is only contained in the cookie. Therefore, a cookie cannot generally read specific data from your hard drive. Our advertisers may sometimes assign their own cookies to your browser in case you consider clicking on their ads. But, this particular process is not controlled by our end. Apart from that, we are involved in storing specific information types whenever you interact with us via the application, website or Service through your laptop/computer/notebook or tablet/mobile/handheld device/pad, etc.

Opting Out

In case a particular user opts our the usage of the Ads Settings, the unique DoubleClick cookie ID on the browser of the user is specifically overwritten with the phrase “OPT_OUT”. Generally, the opt-out cookie cannot be associated with a certain browser as there is no longer a unique cookie ID.

Information Related To The Log File

We are involved in automatically collecting limited information related to your computer’s connection to the internet along with the mobile number and IP address whenever you consider visiting our site, service or else application. So, your IP address is such a number that lets computers attached to the internet effectively know where to send data like the pages you consider viewing. Apart from that specific log information from your browser such as your computer’s name, your IP address, your operating system, CPU speed, browser version and type along with connection speed may be automatically received by our end.

Information From Other Sources

We may receive specific information about you from some other sources, add it to our account information and thereby, treat it in accordance with the policy. In case you are involved in providing information to the platform provider or else other partners whom we provide services, then, your specific account and order information may be passed on to us. Sometimes, we may collect updated contact information specifically from the third parties for correcting our records or else communicate with you.

Sharing Of Information

Vedicfarmfresh is involved in sharing sensitive personal information to any third party without obtaining the prior user content in the below-given circumstances:

a) Whenever it is requested or else required by law or by any governmental authority or agency or court to disclose, for the purpose of verification of identity or for the detection, prevention, investigation which includes cyber incidents or for punishment and prosecution of offenses. These sorts ofdisclosure are specifically made in good belief and faith that these are important for enforcing these Terms or else complying with the applicable regulations and laws.

b) Vedicfarmfresh again proposes to share such particular information within its group officers, employees and companies of such group companies. This is required for the purpose of processing certain personal information on its behalf.

Information Security

We always take important security measures for effectively protecting against unauthorized alteration or unauthorized access to, destruction or disclosure of data. These include internal reviews of our data collection, processing, and storage of security measures and practices that include proper encryption along with physical security measures which effectively protect against unauthorized access to the systems where the specific personal data are being stored.

As the internet is continuously changing and thereby, we may change our privacy policy from time to time for the purpose of incorporating important changes in the future. Also, our usage of the particular information that is gathered from your side will always be consistent with the policy under which the information was collected.


Redressal Mechanism: Any sorts of concerns, abuse or complaints with regards to content or else comment or breach of these particular terms shall be immediately informed to the designated Grievance Officer via email.

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